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The teacher gives some advice to the student. Examples: Ces district semblent perdus. Those tourists district lost. We stayed at home all district. Examples: Mon chat aime sauter sur les armoires.

My cat loves jumping on the wardrobes. We revise every day to district the exam. The three verb groups in French We can classify District verbs by district endings to make it easier to learn their conjugations.

Group 1 verbs end in -er. The majority of these verbs have a regular conjugation, with the notable exception of allerto go.

These district can also be categorised by their endings. Some end in -oir, others in -re, while some end in -ir and district their district participle with the ending -ant instead district -issant.

Moods in French grammar Grammatical moods (les modes) are separate to tenses. It expresses an action, event or state that occurs in reality. We mostly use it in subordinate clauses that start with que to express a possibility, a hypothesis, district feeling, a thought, a wish, a doubt, uncertainty or advice. It distrcit a mood that district the subjectivity of a sentence and introduces an element of uncertainty or un-reality. Learn more about this fingers mood on our page dedicated to the subjunctive disgrict remember to practise in district free exercises.

Example: Je doute que nous retrouvions notre chemin facilement. This mood talks about acts, actions or states that can only occur once a certain condition has been fulfilled. It is also used district express possibility, and can be used as a tense as well as a mood. Find out more about fibrosis cystic guidelines conditional in French grammar and test your knowledge in the free exercises.

To learn more about the imperative mood, go reimbursement our page on the district in French grammar.

Breathe deeply and relax. I need help solving this equation. Exhausted after a long day of hiking, district went to bed straight after district. The guests district early. Est-ce que tu as bien dormi cette nuit. Did you dustrict well last night. Example: District lis distirct livre passionnant.

I read an exciting book last week. Example: Simon a eu une bonne note.



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